The Asking Price For This Ferrari Enzo Is Insane

For Sale

This is probably the finest example of the Ferrari Enzo you’ll see in a long time. But is it worth this much?

The Ferrari Enzo is one of the most special supercars ever made by the Italian manufacturer. Built in 2002 to honor the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, as a successor to the fabled F40 and F50, it represents one of the last pure mid-engined supercars of its time with a V12 engine producing a simmering 650 horsepower, making it an automotive icon of the 21st century. When it originally went on sale, the exquisite Enzo would set you back $670,000.

Only 400 examples were produced, making it even rarer than the ludicrous LaFerrari, which had a production run of 499. On the rare occasion that a Ferrari Enzo goes up for sale, you can expect it to be bank-breakingly expensive. Case in point: this 2003 model Enzo for sale at iLusso has an insane asking price of $3.9 million. Staggeringly, that’s more than double the original value of the LaFerrari, which fetched just over $1 million when it went on sale in 2014, although used prices are soaring rapidly. The low mileage is certainly a factor for this Enzo’s expense, having only racked up 141 miles on the clock in its lifetime, which is a fraction more than the previous Enzo we found for sale with only 137 miles.

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However, that Enzo was being sold for $2.5 million, which shows how much it’s already appreciated in just a couple of years. Famous boxer Floyd Mayweather tried a similar tactic when he tried to sell his Enzo for $3.8 million. It was later sold at auction for $3.3 million with 560 miles on the clock. It’s a steep asking price, but you can’t argue with the condition of this Enzo, which looks practically factory fresh inside and out – it still has the original plastic across the carbon fiber footwells.