The Aston Martin DBRS9 Is An Attractive Alternative To The Endless Parade Of Porsche 911 GT3s

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Just because you're buying a track car, doesn't mean you should sacrifice style.

Not every manufacturer that makes cars conforming to FIA GT3 regulations for use by privateer teams necessarily bothers to make a street legal version. So the car you see here, which is going up for auction next month with RM Auctions, will need a trailer to get to the race. The car was built alongside the DBR9 GT1 race car, through a partnership between Aston Martin and Prodrive, although the DBRS9 has more in common with the road version and was much cheaper. The DBRS9 is still pretty hardcore though.

This 2006 model is based on the DB9 of the same year, but power has been bumped up from 450 to 550 horsepower. But even more dramatic is the difference in weight, with more than a thousand pounds being trimmed via the stripping out of the interior and the replacing of panels with carbon fiber. That brings the total weight down to only 2,700 lbs, incredibly light for a DB9. The car sold new for 175,000 pounds, although options could add to that, the same as it could with the road version. We don't have an estimate for the auction, but we're curious to see what it goes for.

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