The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Sounds Even Better Than It Looks

It also has one of the prettiest Aston Martin interiors ever.

Many gearheads regard the Aston martin Vanquish as one of the most beautiful modern cars ever built, so it’s strange that Italian coach builder Zagato was enlisted to somehow improve on the perfect. We can’t imagine trying to improve on the Mona Lisa, but luckily Zagato has plenty of experience improving on cars that are already at the pinnacle of automotive design. By the looks of things, Zagato got the Vanquish down pretty well by keeping the signature Aston Martin shape and adding some Italian spice to the design.

Oh, and the engine is on point. Listen to the V12 fire up and try to tell us that there doesn’t need to be more British/Italian hybrids with a straight face.

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