The Aston Martin Vulcan Is Hitting This US City For Black Friday


You'll never guess it. Go ahead and try.

The Aston Martin Vulcan is a pretty special car. Only 24 will be made and each one is priced at $2.3 million. Powering this beast is a 7.0-liter V12 that produces 800 horsepower without the need for any sort of electrical assistance or turbocharging. The only downside is that the car is not road-legal. As only 24 will be made, and since each one can't touch surface streets, seeing a Vulcan in the wild will be next to impossible. However, one is coming to Cleveland, Ohio, soon.

It will be at Cleveland Motorsports in North Olmstead, Ohio, on November 27 and November 28. Americans know the first date as Black Friday, or Shopping Armageddon. The Black Friday Vulcan Experience (its official name) will allow Midwesterners to see the amazing car for themselves. If you live in the area we recommend making the trek as you probably won't see any Vulcans ever in the Midwest again.

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