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The Audi Q1 Concept Is The Only Car Aimed At The Real American Family

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Car commercials always assume the best, this is for the divorced father or mother that’s content with a single passenger.

At the end of the day, no matter how dynamic and multifaceted the auto industry may seem, it's really like an arcade game. The more tokens you have, the more you can afford to play. The Germans, drunk off of profits made by predicting the SUV onslaught and perhaps even a colluding price cartel, have more than enough tokens to play in whatever segment they please. So while GM and Ford go on talking about axing sedan models in favor of more SUVs, the Germans are more than able to supply both.

At current, Audi offers the Q3, at for young and well-off millennials and the Q7 for the more established and utility-needing. We already know it plans to expand its range up top with what seems to be a Bentley Bentayga-cannibalizing four-seat Q8, but there's more than enough room to fight lower in the segment. BMW and Mercedes-Benz already offer the X1 and GLA respectively, but rendering artist Florian Westermann predicts that a hypothetical Audi entrant will look a little like this. There's already a Q2 set for launch in 2019, but the segment of young active families looking for a starter SUV are not quite the customers the Q1 is going after according to this designer.

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Florian Westermann is more interested in the demographics that aren't advertised on TV, namely single parents or couples that forgo having children entirely but have the same budget, versatile needs, and a demand for flashier styling. Essentially, this is a Q8 for those at the opposite end of the income spectrum, a family who would otherwise go for a Gran Coupe. This Q1 retains all of Audi's modern styling elements with a more futuristic and edgy twist. Large wheels, a raised ride height, and plastic cladding on the bottom resemble the off-road ready SUVs built on car platforms while two doors assume that John, the hypothetical customer in this story, has only one child and the occasional date. Would you buy this if you were in John's shoes?