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The Audi Quattro Turbo Coupe Was the Messiah of Group B Rally

Still one of the greatest Audis ever built.

Back in the late 1970s, the rules were changed in Group B rally racing, allowing for all-wheel drive cars. Audi soon took full advantage of that new regulation and began to enter what it called the Ur-Quattro in 1980. In many ways, this car really changed, for the better, how sports cars were engineered. Suddenly AWD was proven to be an effective way to go fast while maintaining a new level of driver control at the same time. For Manuel Leon Minassian, who became infatuated with the Audi Quattro at a young age, the car is still his definition of driving pleasure.

He was lucky to have the chance to buy a 1983 Quattro Turbo Coupe in fantastic condition a few years back. And now he drives it regularly through some beautiful California mountain roads. Sometimes life can’t get any better.

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