The Audi RS3 Is Now Available As A Hardcore Track Weapon


Think the 400-hp RS3 sedan is too soft? Then this is the fast Audi for you.

There are a fair few options available for anyone looking for a faster Audi A3 variant. On top of the 292-hp S3, Audi also provides its more performance-obsessed clients with the option to own the new and very punchy 400-hp RS3 sedan. However, it appears having almost as much power as the Audi R8 V8 in a smaller sedan isn't enough for some, as Audi's also selling an even more extreme 'RS3 LMS' to those who really desire such a thing.


Admittedly, this one isn't actually street legal, as the RS3 LMS is designed to primarily compete in the TCR international touring car series. The LMS' status as a racing vehicle means you can't just walk into your nearest Audi showroom and place an order for one if you really crave a track-only RS3: you'll need to contact the Audi Sport department for the ultimate track-day RS3. Oh, and a hefty wad of cash in your back pocket, as Audi's charging 129,000 EUR (or, at current conversion rates, $144,000) for the RS3 LMS. Which does sound like a lot, when you consider the RS3 road car is almost as quick on paper in outright straight line pace.

Still, the RS3 LMS will undoubtedly be a monstrously quick car around a track. With 330-hp on tap, the racy RS3 has plenty of straight line pace (how does 0-60 mph in under 4.5 seconds and a 150 mph top speed sound to you?), and a combination of a sequential transmission, the huge aero package and an approx 2,800 lbs kerb weight should result in some pretty sweet cornering speeds too. With stats like that, the RS3 LMS should in theory be quite the brisk track car - and, with the TCR series attracting more and more manufacturers as it gains popularity, it should be a rather awesome addition to an excellent new-ish touring car championship.


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