The Audi RS3 Is Why You Should Stop Waiting For A BMW M2 Gran Coupe

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Looking for a four-door M2? Look no further.

It's a shame for BMW that the car that became the benchmark for the four-door sports car genre has invited so many competitors from within the company because now it feels as if there is so little reason to buy an M3. Attacks from fellow Bimmers include the M2 and the upcoming M2 Gran Coupe if BMW decides to build it. However, there's no need to stay with BMW when seeking a small, semi-affordable sports car with four doors. Audi has us covered with the RS3.

The small sedan was introduced to the world at last year's Paris Motor Show with five cylinders, a turbocharger, all-wheel drive, and 395 horsepower of fun for the family. Auto Express got its hands on one in order to see how it stacks up against the old version of the car.

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The verdict? Well what did you expect from a German automaker, the same one that's known for its wild creations that include offerings for power-hungry buyers and telepathic track cars that can double as well-insulated grand tourers? Like any good German car, the RS3 strikes the perfect balance between power, efficiency, handling dynamics, and everyday drivability. The ability to rush from 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds before topping out at 155 mph is reserved for each and every buyer, but the bar room bragging rights may be fun fact worth mentioning because as it stands, the RS3 carries the most powerful five-cylinder engine in the world.

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