The Aussies Love the Holden SS V Redline


How do ya' like them apples, Ford? Holden's SS V Redline is a smash hit while the Falcon will be dropped entirely in 2016.

Perhaps it was the announcement that the Australian Ford Falcon will end production in 2016 that scared a few Australian fans of big rear-wheel-drive V8 sedans to the showrooms. Whether that was the case or not, Holden is currently enjoying a sales surge of its new VF Commodore SS V sedan as well as the rest of the Redline lineup. Why exactly? Because it’s powered by a 6.0-liter V8 that produces 351 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque.

The cars also come equipped with big Brembo front brakes, wide rear tires, forged 19" alloy wheels and a track tuned suspension. Redline variants receive a bunch of premium add-ons like a color heads-up display, and the sedan has a nine-speaker Bose premium stereo and sunroof. The lineup is so popular, in fact, that Holden simply can’t build them fast enough and there’s already a waiting list that stretches into 2014. Amazingly, a new report indicates that some 80 percent of SS buyers are going for the upgraded SS V trim. Remember, the "new" Chevy SS, essentially a more powerful version of this Commodore, is arriving in US dealers right now.

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GM Holden’s Marketing Manager, Kristian Aquilina, stated that "Typically we would have forecast a richer mix at the start, but we’re actually outperforming that to the point now that we have to find a way to build more cars to meet the demand. So it’s a good problem to have." Priced at the US dollar equivalent of around $47,000, Aussie buyers clearly know a good performance bargain. Wonder if Ford is now regretting its decision.