The Auto Industry Is Starting To Embrace Virtual Reality

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Car advertising is about to enter a new dimension.

The advent of virtual reality has been transforming the games industry as we know it, offering new levels of immersion and embarrassment when you realize how much of a moron you look to the outside world waving your hands around while wearing a screen attached to your face. The potential of the technology cannot be understated, so it comes as no surprise that the auto industry is starting to capitalize on the promotional benefits of the technology, allowing potential consumers to take a virtual tour of new car models.

The first manufacturer to bring this idea into fruition is Jaguar Land Rover, which will roll out its own VR and Augmented Reality experiences to US dealerships this month following a trial-run in the UK last year with the Jaguar F-Pace. Starting with the new Land Rover Discovery, every new vehicle launch will be viewable in VR, allowing you to see and interact with a life-size model through a VR headset. Animations will explain the technical merits of the car, and you'll be able to explore the interior in 360 degrees from various viewpoints. "As if our vehicles weren't exciting enough already, this new way of buying a car will engage customers further with our innovative capabilities", Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover's Sales Operations Director, said.

"The VR Experience will also help retailers to break the ice with customers and inject even more fun into the process of buying our vehicles." It certainly sounds like a logical and effective advertising tool for car companies, and it's encouraging to see VR tech being utilized outside the gaming industry.


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