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The Baby Ford Bronco Will Be Based On The New Focus?

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Sources suggest the design is inspired by the original 1960s Ford Bronco.

As we know, Ford is pulling out of the passenger car market by 2022 to predominately focus on the more popular truck and SUV segments. The automaker's upcoming SUV onslaught will bring back some beloved model names including the Ranger and the Bronco.

In addition to the mid-size Bronco, Ford will also launch a new compact SUV, previewed by a teaser image released during Ford's Uncovered event a few months ago outlining its future family of SUVs. The name of Ford's compact off-roader still hasn't been confirmed, but it's already been nicknamed the "baby Bronco." However, recent trademarks suggest it could be called either the Maverick or Timberline.

Whatever it ends up being called, it probably won't have much in common with the Bronco. While the Bronco will share the same rugged body-on-frame platform as the mid-size Ranger pickup, Ford's executive vice president of product development and purchasing, Hau Thai-Tang, revealed the baby Bronco will be based on the same modular platform as the new-generation Focus. In other words, it will be more car-like than the Bronco off-roader.

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Reuters reports the baby Bronco will likely be similar in size to the Escape, which also shares the same platform, but will feature "more rugged off-road styling cues." The executive added that the small SUV will command a premium price due to its "offroad positioning and imagery." A source familiar with Ford's plans also told Reuters the all-new model's design will echo the original 1960s Bronco off-roader and could debut in 2019 as a 2020 model. The new Bronco is also slated to arrive the same year.

Thai-Tang stated how the baby Bronco represents Ford's new strategy of using more flexible vehicle architectures, increase parts commonality and introducing new products to market more quickly.