The Baby Honda NSX Has Arrived And We Love It


Let's hope Honda puts this beautiful baby sports car into production one day.

Remember those patent designs that everyone thought was for a new Honda mid-engined sports car that looked like a smaller NSX, aka the Baby NSX? We recently discovered that the designs were actually for a virtual concept car to be featured in the PS4 video game Gran Turismo Sport as part of the innovative Vision Gran Turismo program after eagle-eyed players spotted the car in the game during a cut scene. Now, Honda has officially announced its new concept car dubbed the Sports Vision Gran Turismo, which has just been added to the game.

The design is the result of an internal competition Honda ran for their designers around the world. A team in the automaker's Los Angeles studio entered the winning design, although US and Japanese designers also contributed to the project. Honda's 'Human Centred Design' direction is apparent in the placement of the driver, engine, and tires, while the design and proportion of the exterior make the car appear to be in motion even at a standstill, giving the concept car a commanding presence. Carbon fiber components are used extensively, bringing the total weight of the fictional car down to just 899 kg.

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Powering the Honda Sport Vision Gran Turismo is a 2.0-liter, mid-mounted four-cylinder turbo engine with VTEC delivering 404 hp at 7,500 rpm through an 8-speed dual clutch transmission. Yes, this is a concept car that doesn't have any electric assistance, believe it or not. Honda even built a full-scale model of the concept used for testing in a wind tunnel just like a real car. Honda says this optimized the aerodynamic performance, allowing for optimum airflow around the body, and through the underfloor, cabin and engine room. For now, the only way you can drive it is in Gran Turismo Sport - let's hope Honda puts this beautiful baby sports car into production one day.

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