The Badass Harley-Davidson Road King Rides On Hubless Wheels

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Shanghai is full of awesome surprises.

We anticipated seeing some unique vehicles at the Auto Shanghai, but the Harley Davidson Road King with its 30-inch hubless wheels wasn't what we had in mind. Featuring an all-aluminum body, the most striking thing about the Harley are the insane wheels that looks strikingly similar to a Dyson office fan. Machined from a solid piece of billet, the brake system has been integrated into the wheels while a custom air cylinder has been designed specifically for the load the bike and wheel will have to endure.

The wheels are built around a 28-inch wind-turbine bearing, which is pretty nuts, while the Harley comes powered by an air/liquid cooled engine with a pair of 53-mm variable vane aerocharger turbos. Again, this thing isn't normal. Built by the guys from Ballistic Cycles, the Road King has won a ton of prizes including the Baddest Bagger at Full Throttle Saloon, Deadwoods Nastiest Bagger and Best in Show at the prestigious Rider Saloon. Harley is trying hard to crack the Chinese market and we think the locals will absolutely love this thing.

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