The Badass VeilSide 350Z From Tokyo Drift Is Now For Sale

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This is your chance to become Drift King.

"The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" is widely regarded as the bastard child of the F&F series. There's no Paul Walker and only a quick second of Vin Diesel. That being said the cars in it are still awesome and one has just come up for sale. Drift King, aka the villain of the movie, drove a VeilSide 350Z and now his car can be yours for just $234,000. That's a lot of coin but this is obviously no ordinary Nissan with a body kit. In addition to the VeilSide body kit the engine has been fitted with an APS twin-turbo kit that adds a ton of horses and torque.

The kit bumps the coupe's power all the way up to 430 bhp and 420 lb-ft of torque. Other goodies include a NISMO two-way differential and twin-plate clutch. It's no VeilSide RX-7 but it's still a damn sharp and famous car and should be all you need to win parking garage drifting contests. The fact that it's only road-legal in the UK, and is right-side drive, is a bit tough for American fans but if you love Tokyo Drift you'll figure it out.

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