The Baddest Mercedes AMG You'll Ever Find

And it'll make BMW drivers extremely jealous.

This 1988 Mercedes 560 SEC with an AMG conversion is downright awesome. It’s black and it looking menacing, yet its design is timeless and could even be called elegant. And yes, it was hand-assembled. It is perhaps one of those rare cars that successfully manages to combine luxury and performance in a truly classy way. Trust us, that’s harder to pull off than many may think. The owner of this 560 SEC is fully aware of how special the car is and it’s actually his daily driver. Just listen to how that engine sounds when the guy hits the gas.

It’s just incredible. Along with all of that blacked out chrome and numerous other styling and performance touches, this is one of those cars that needs to be driven as much as possible. There are plenty of unsuspecting BMW drivers out there, after all.

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