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The BBC Has Just Decided The Fate Of Top Gear

Information on the unreleased episodes and new presenter also released.

Yes, you’re probably sick of hearing about Jeremy Clarkson and “Top Gear.” Well, too bad. Kim Shillinglaw, BBC Two’s controller, just dropped another log on the fire by announcing that the network will air the final episodes featuring Clarkson this summer. The episodes may be a supercut of sorts as the BBC can only show scenes that have been shot. The network also announced that “Top Gear” will return in 2016 in a new form. What that form will be remains to be seen.

Shillinglaw did mention that gender will be something to look at when selecting a replacement for Clarkson, and potentially for Richard Hammond and James May. "We'll definitely look at some women but it's not a driving priority," she said. So, are you excited to see the “lost” episodes? What do you think of a woman potentially joining the show? Above all, do you plan to watch now that Clarkson is gone for good?

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