The BBC Is Giving Matt LeBlanc A Ton Of Cash To Be The Face Of 'Top Gear'


Being the host of a failing automotive TV show pays damn well.

Amazingly it has been almost two weeks since "Top Gear" has been in the news. The BBC automotive show couldn't stop making headlines for all the wrong reasons these past few months. But now that filming has taken a break things are quieter. Or are they?! The Mirror is reporting that Matt LeBlanc-who has yet to sign a new contract with the BBC-will indeed be returning to the show and with a pay raise to boot. The sum is reported to be £1 million, or $1.29 million. That money is just for a one year deal, mind you.

If LeBlanc does two seasons of the show, with each season consisting of six episodes apiece (last season's total), he'll be pulling in $107,500. That's not a bad haul. In fact, it matches his previous contract, which was for one season at £500,000 ($645,625). While we are bullish on Rory Reid and Chris Harris we know the BBC needs an internationally known face to helm "Top Gear," at least right now. The show hasn't really regained its legs since the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Canning ex-lead host Chris Evans after one season certainly didn't help matters. But better days could be ahead. Don't laugh. We're serious!

The rest of the cast is set to return after their first full season together. Hopefully they'll be able to gel better having already worked together for a season. If "Top Gear" takes off and becomes as successful or almost as successful as it was when Clarkson was at the helm then Matt LeBlanc at $1.29 million a year could look like a steal. We're not saying it'll happen, but when you hit rock bottom the only place you can go is up.

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