The BBC Isn't A Big Fan Of Jeremy Clarkson's New Amazon Show


Did you really expect anything else?

So far it seems like just about everyone loves "The Grand Tour." Well, everyone except for the BBC that is. In an interview with CNN to promote Amazon's new motoring show, Jeremy Clarkson reveled in his new show's critical acclaim before casually mentioning how his former employer wasn't all that big on the first episode. It's true, the BBC's review contained the phrase "uncomfortably hubristic" and claimed that there may be some real-life tension between Clarkson and James May. But it ended by suggesting the trio should make a movie!

Aside from the bit about the BBC Clarkson opens up about the hands-off attitude of Amazon…and how much money the presenters are making.

He doesn't come out and give a figure, or even a range, but Clarkson does admit that the three are making much less than what people have speculated. It's nothing incredibly revealing but it is kind of cool to see Jeremy Clarkson giving some inside info about "The Grand Tour," including why the trio (with the exception of May) loves to fail so much. All we can say is, bring on episode two!

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