The Bentayga Mulliner Proves Bentley Still Makes The Luxury SUV To Beat


The one-off Bentayga shined under the lights of Geneva.

The Bentley Bentayga has been in showrooms for some time now. That doesn’t mean the uber-luxury SUV isn’t capable of drawing a crowd, though. Especially when the Bentayga in question is a one-off creation from the automaker’s in-house coachbuilder Mulliner. The Bentayga Mulliner was revealed before the show kicked off, but during Geneva we got the chance to see it up close and personal. The two-tone paint job is a first for the SUV and takes a bit of getting used to but once your eyes adjust it’s quite nice.

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Our only knock on the Bentayga Mulliner are the 22-inch seven-spoke wheels, exclusive to the one-off. Up close they aren’t nearly as sharp looking as Bentley’s promo images made them out to be. Oh well, you win some and lose some. Where you definitely aren’t losing is inside. The cabin mirrors the two-tone color scheme of the body but unlike the paint it doesn’t take any getting used to whatsoever. The wealth of leather and Mulliner embroidery reminds you that you’re in a Bentayga that’s just a wee bit more luxurious than its peers. Any doubts about its exclusivity are instantly erased when you see the bottle cooler installed between the rear seats. That, plus the Mulliner hamper in back, makes the Bentayga a mini bar on wheels.

While this specific Bentayga Mulliner is a one-off the automaker is planning a limited production run. Pricing and production numbers were not announced. If you have to ask and are concerned about build slots filling up, well then you’re probably not the type of customer Bentley is looking for. For everyone else in the world (including us) there are these live shots to stare at and wonder what if.