The Bentley Bentayga Features In This Week's Episode Of 'The Grand Tour'


Here's what you can expect from the penultimate episode of the first season.

We're only two episodes away from the grand finale of "The Grand Tour's" first season, and we can't help but wonder if the series will go out with a bang or a whimper. The trailer for the penultimate episode, once again set in Scotland for some reason, has been released and it looks somewhat subdued compared to other episodes. That's not necessarily a bad thing, especially for those who complain there isn't enough car content. Again, we wish the location of the tent had some bearing on the content of the films.

Being set in Loch Ness, we predictably get some arguments about the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, but that's about all the context you're going to get. This week's main films are set in Germany and Australia, with a three-way road test between the Range Rover Autobiography, Jaguar F-Pace and Bentley Bentayga around central Europe.

But just in case you were worried it would be a serious road test, there are some dick jokes and explosions to keep you entertained. We know that Clarkson is a long-time Range Rover fan so it will be interesting to see his verdict on the brutish Bentley. Since he doesn't appear to be driving it, you can bet he will brand it as "rubbish" throughout the show. Elsewhere, Clarkson will be putting the underrated Lexus GS through its paces at the Eboladrome and the presenters apparently examine the point of launch control. Judging from previous episodes, that could either be insightful or pointless filler material.

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