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The Bentley Boys Would be Proud of Today's Continental GT V8 S

That racing pedigree is once again alive and well.

There was a time, although more than half a century ago, when Bentley ruled the race tracks of Europe. Up until fairly recently, however, Bentley was not a participant in motorsport. Fortunately, the historic British (now German owned) brand has returned to its roots once again in the form of GT3 racing. But unless you’re a professional race car driver, chances are you’re not going to be able to experience a Bentley Continental GT3 car. But there’s a solution, and it’s called the Continental GT V8 S.

Not only does this sucker have the largest brake package ever installed on a production car (never mind the cost), the GT V8 S is also wicked fast around the track. Sure, you prefer the Continental powered by the W12, but the V8 is lighter, thus perhaps making the car the better track toy.

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