The Bentley EXP8 Is How The Bentayga Should Have Looked

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The concept looks stunning.

The Bentley Bentayga was the British brand's first real SUV, and the new version is more luxurious than ever. There's new tech and a slight refinement of the styling, much of which meant slimming the headlights and taillights. But wouldn't a Bentayga with styling borrowed from the Mulliner Bacalar be even better? We think so, and so does Emre Husmen, the graphic artist behind the gorgeous Bentayga concept you see below. Just look at it - this is what a rare and exotic luxury SUV should look like, not a dolled-up Audi Q8. But as is usually the case, there are a number of design cues that just aren't feasible for mass production.

Emre Husmen
Emre Husmen

Starting at the front, we have that traditional Bentley grille in all its oversized glory, with a pair of round running lights connected to ultra-slim headlights. Even BMW with its iX SUV has seen that slimmer headlights can do a lot to alter the styling of a vehicle; could we be seeing the beginning of a new trend that the likes of Kia and Hyundai will be the first to truly embrace?

Regardless, the idea looks phenomenal with those vertical intakes, while that Flying B hood ornament adds a touch of ornate class. Moving rearward along the profile, squared wheel arches combine with massive wheels for a truly aggressive look, and those muscular rear fenders really make this look like the kind of coupe that the BMW X6 could never be.

Emre Husmen
Emre Husmen
Emre Husmen

We also see a subtle "B" logo in the front fender vents, while a lack of mirrors and door handles enhances the sleek feel of the exterior aesthetic. The tail end of the car is just as dramatic, with super narrow taillights fitted below an integrated duckbill spoiler on the hatch. A subtle roof spoiler is a nice touch too, while a massive rear diffuser and more vertical vents add both width and height to the look of the rear end. Those vents are completed by the inclusion of double-exit oval tailpipes that protrude from the bodywork. This is unconventional, but the dramatic look is awesome. Now look at the real Bentayga below and try to tell us that Bentley couldn't have done better.

Front View Driving Bentley
Rear-Facing View Bentley
Source Credits: Behance

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