The Best 2023 GMC Canyon Trim Isn't The Most Expensive One

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Goldilocks all the way, we say - especially when a loaded Canyon costs almost $72,000.

GMC's configurator for the new Canyon pickup truck went live earlier this week, and we've set out to peruse through the brand's offerings for its new midsize truck entrant. At its most expensive, the GMC Canyon tops out at a whopping $71,724.

To get there, you need every bell, whistle, and option package on GMC's most extreme off-road trim offered for the redesigned 2023 Canyon. Before options, the top-tier Canyon starts at $56,995. To get to that stratospheric sum, the brand's $645 paint option (we like the red) is needed, as well as the $9,295 Edition 1 Package.

GMC Front-End View GMC Front View Driving GMC
Front-End View
Front View Driving

From there, it's all about adding expensive options like bed liners, skid plates, underbody cameras ($500!), and $50 red seatbelts. The latter is actually a decent deal as far as colored belts go. You should see what Porsche charges for the same.

But there is another path. An expensive one, mind you, but we built a truck that nets you 99.99% of the same off-road garb as the loaded truck for around $20,000 less.

You'll have to settle for the lesser 4WD AT4, which loses you an inch of ground clearance. That starts at $43,900, and we saved a few hundred bucks by choosing the Solar Flare Metallic paint for $495.

Tow Hitch GMC Central Console GMC Cargo Capacity GMC
Tow Hitch
Central Console
Cargo Capacity

Other big-ticket options included 18" 275/65R18 AT tires, the $1,840 AT4 Premium package, and the $1,550 Tech Plus package. Both add many luxuries to the interior like memory seats, adaptive cruise control, seat ventilation, and heating surfaces.

Should our hypothetically thrifty truck buyer wish to tow, we threw in GMC's Pro Grade towing package for $390. Finally, skid plates were added to our build for some necessary off-road protection.

In total, this "lesser" AT4 nets many of the X's bells and whistles for significantly less while staying under $55K. Ours came out to $51,835 all said and done, but if money were no object we'd have also thrown in the underbody cameras for $500 to really undercut the AT4X.

Wheel GMC Dashbord Trim GMC Front Angle View GMC
Dashbord Trim
Front Angle View

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