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The Best Bentley Bentayga Is Yet To Come


Bentley thinks the best-selling Bentayga still hasn’t reached its full potential.

To say that the Bentayga has been a monumental success for Bentley is an understatement. Bentley’s first-ever SUV has only been on sale for a few years, but it’s already become Bentley’s best-selling model by a significant margin. You would think, then, that Bentley would capitalize on the demand and make additional SUV models. Reports have suggested Bentley plans to expand its SUV range with a larger model than the Bentayga, an entry-level model and a new coupe SUV, but Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark has downplayed these rumors.

Speaking to CarSales, Hallmark said Bentley currently has no plans to add a second SUV to its lineup to join the Bentayga. "We are not looking at that,” Hallmark said when asked about the possibility of Bentley building additional SUV models. Even the long-rumored coupe SUV isn’t a priority for Bentley right now. "Is there an imminent, or very near, coupe? No.”

However, Hallmark didn’t deny the potential of Bentayga’s SUV lineup to expand beyond the Bentayga in the future. "Are we looking at it right now? No,” he said. "Could we imagine doing different twists on SUVs in the future? Yes.” In the meantime, Bentley plans to cook up new and improved variants of the best-selling Bentayga throughout its current model lifecycle.

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Bentley has already built the fastest SUV in the world with the Bentayga Speed, which technically has a top speed faster than the Lamborghini Urus (albeit by 0.5 mph). But the best is yet to come, as Bentley says the Bentayga still hasn’t reached its full potential. "We’ll improve it through technology. We haven’t even scratched the surface of its potential.”

It’s not surprising that Bentley wants to build more variants of the Bentayga when you look at the sales figures. The opulent SUV is the best-selling model in Bentley’s 100-year history and makes up nearly 50 percent of the company’s total sales. "We did 10,000 sales last year with 50 percent of our potential range. The cars we are just launching, the new Flying Spur and Continental GT Cabriolet, will add to that,” Hallmark added. "We’ve just gone from a loss-making position to a profitable first half in 2019. That doesn’t happen by luck.”