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The Best Dodge Demon Deal Could Be In The Middle Of Nowhere America

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How far would you be willing to go?

Over the past few days, we've learned about some very expensive Dodge Challenger SRT Demons up for sale on eBay. Although the world's only street legal drag racer carries a base price of $84,995, chances are no one will be paying that. At the very least, they'll fork over $84,996; they'll want the $1 for some extra horsepower, of course. Dealership markups are happening, despite Dodge's best efforts to prevent that. And then there are those private owners flipping the cars online.

Someone is even trying to sell a Demon for $500,000. Good luck with that. The overall average eBay price for a Demon is between $118,000 and $160,000. But what if we were to tell you, thanks to a tipster, that there's a brand new 2018 Dodge Demon listed at $91,500 (a few options will jack up the price). This is the MSRP. However, you'll literally have to travel to the middle of nowhere America to pick up the car. Where is this middle of nowhere? Yankton, South Dakota. It's a pretty small town, population 14,454, according to the 2010 census. It's about 160 northwest of Omaha, Nebraska. Go there and walk into Broadway Chrysler Jeep Dodge, where the Demon is located.

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It won't be hard to find considering, according to the dealership website, it's painted TorRed with a black interior. The dealership listing provides the model code and VIN, as well as a few listed features, such as wireless phone connectivity and leather upholstery. Nothing is mentioned about the optional Demon Crate or whether the car comes with the $1 factory power upgrade. So what's the catch? Only the MSRP was listed, not the actual sale price. We've sent an inquiry requesting the real price, and we'll update this space once we have it. Hat tip to Kyle!