The Best Driver's Roadster? It's No Longer The Porsche 718 Boxster?

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Oh yes, there's something else out there.

For years the Porsche Boxster and its Cayman coupe sibling were regarded as being two of (if not the) best driver's cars on the market. Is that still the case now that they're both turbocharged? According to this latest comparison test by Autocar, not really. Here's the basic rundown: a brand new Porsche 718 Boxster goes up against a Lotus Elise Cup 250 (which isn't even sold in the US, sadly). The Lotus, as we should all know, is pretty much a bare bones roadster with literally no creature comforts.

That's part of its charm. The Porsche, as we recently learned in our very own unboxing review, is a full-on luxury roadster packed with tech. It's a great daily driver and all but does all of that technology and the new turbo flat-four take away from its driving experience? Autocar answers that very question.

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