The Best Of 90s Bugatti Is This Ultra-Rare 1995 Bugatti EB110 SS

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Could you want anything more than a classic Bugatti with a real story behind it?

In 1987, an Italian Ferrari dealer named Romano Artioli decided to resurrect Bugatti and return it to its former glory after years of inactivity. He established Bugatti Automobili SpA and spent four years building the Bugatti EB110, which was revealed on Ettore Bugatti's 110th birthday. The EB110 was a monster for its time, with a 3.5-liter V12 equipped with four turbochargers. Then, in 1992, the company announced the EB110 Super Sport. It featured carbon-fiber panels, a new ECU and larger injectors, increasing the EB's output from 550 hp to 603.

Making 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds, it boasted a top speed of 216 mph, and also featured a six-speed manual transmission, front and rear independent suspension with double wishbones and coil springs, and four-wheel ventilated disc brakes. But only 33 Super Sports would make production before the company finally went bankrupt. One of the final examples to leave the factory was this yellow on red example, which had just two owners and 6,275 miles on the clock. And it sold for $2.31 million at auction through RM Sotheby's last weekend.

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