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The Best Rides in the World Descend on Wilton House 2012

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Every year Wilton House plays host to some of the most expensive and luxurious rides in the world.

The Earl and Countess of Pembroke have opened the doors of Wilton House in Wiltshire, England, for the fourth straight year and their guests came from far and wide. The 2012 Wilton House event saw some of the best and most luxurious cars in the world descend upon the magnificent grounds and luckily for us, GF Williams was there to snap some excellent photos. This year's event, held on August 5th, drew everyone from local car enthusiasts to motorists abroad and even major national companies.

On display were a plethora of Porsches, loads of Lamborghinis, a flock of Ferraris and, of course, many British sports cars and supercars. McLaren had a strong showing with their F1 and MP4-12Cs on display while Bentley and Rolls-Royce were also represented. We even got to see artist Ian Cook's "BugARTi" Bugatti Veyron as it made its official debut at the event.

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