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The Best-Selling Crossover In Europe Is Coming To Dominate The US Market

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The Nissan Qashqai is going to take over American roads in 2017.

The Truth About Cars (TTAC) is reporting that Nissan will bring its incredibly popular Qashqai crossover from Europe to the US, with a debut set for the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. The anonymous sources who tipped off TTAC said the Qashqai wouldn't push out an existing model. Info on engine and transmission offerings as well as pricing and availability should be dropped in Detroit. What we do know is that the Qashqai will slot in between the Juke and Rogue. In Europe it's offered with a bunch of diesel and gas four-cylinder engines.

The diesel engines should get left behind in Europe, as will the manual transmission the Qashqai is offered with over there. Expect a few four-cylinder gas engines and a CVT. We know, it's not much to be excited about, at least not from a gearhead perspective. But the folks over at Nissan North America have to be foaming at the mouth over the Qashqai's impending arrival. It should bring in a ton of cash as crossover-crazed buyers flock to the "new" offering. While Nissan hasn't officially confirmed the news of the Qashqai's arrival in the US such a move really is a no-brainer. The only real mystery is whether or not its quirky name will be kept. We like it but wouldn't blame Nissan if it debuted the car with a name that was easier to say and spell.

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We'll be on the ground in Detroit and will have live shots of the US-spec Qashqai, if indeed it is at the show. Let the record show that we called this, the Qashqai coming stateside, earlier in the year. Nissan, you're welcome for the good idea.