The Best Time To Buy A New Car Has Nothing To Do With Holidays Or Seasons


No, it's not "when you have enough money."

When is the best time to buy a new car?" The best answer we can possibly suggest is "when there are enough decent deals on." Though such a reply does admittedly narrow down the time period somewhat, it also begs another question: When exactly will the best savings be available to you? With so many dealership franchises looking after a myriad different brands, it's hard to pin down an exact window. But The Detroit Bureau (TDB) is implying that the last models in the production run are the ones to go for.

The idea is to get a car that is the last of its kind, aka one that is set to be discontinued. For instance, the Cadillac SRX (which will be replaced in its entirety with the CT5 for the 2017 MY) is allegedly available with offers that shave $8,000 off the list price, meaning you can nab yourself a capable competitor to the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 for the same money as a V6-powered Dodge Charger. And while the article didn't cite prices for other cars, it did list off countless other vehicles that are due for replacements or re-brands. Take the Subaru Impreza and Hyundai Genesis, for example. If you really wanted a great deal the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200, both due to die, are prime candidates for markdowns.

Though leaving your car buying options to the last minute can save you money initially, it can screw you in the long run. By restricting your choices to depleted stock, you run a far higher risk of not being able to specify the options, color or trim pieces that you want. Plus, another factor to consider is cars that are being discontinued entirely generally aren't desirable, otherwise why would they be getting killed off? So the savings you make buying them at the latest possible moment will likely be offset by the car's lower residual values. Granted that shouldn't be of too much concern to buyers who are looking at keeping the car in the long haul, but this is a detail worth bearing in mind for the rest of you.

Alan Vanderkaay

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