The Big Luxury Coupe is Making a Triumphant Return

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Yet another reason why being rich is way better than the poor house.

Originally it was Cadillac who built the big luxury coupe, the Eldorado. It became a land yacht by the 1970s and later only appealed to residents of Florida retirement communities, many of whom are dead now. But that’s all in the past as we’re about to enter a whole new era of the luxury coupe. First off, there’s the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. It’s a glorious piece of Germany, especially the S63 AMG Coupe.

And soon Cadillac will return to the segment it created with a production version of the Elmiraj concept. Cadillac won’t officially admit the car is coming, but spy photos tell us all we need to know. There’s also the Bentley Continental GT, an equally bonkers Germanic creation that you can get with a 6.0-liter W12. And now comes reports that Jaguar will slice the rear doors off its next-gen XJ sedan and voila! We’ve got ourselves a sexy Jag 2+2 grand tourer that’ll compete head-on with those aforementioned coupes. Not much is known about Jag’s plans for its new big sexy, but we do know it’ll be more than just an enlarged F-Type.

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Performance wise, Mercedes and Bentley have already set the benchmarks. Use your imagination. On the luxury scale, expect it to be on par with the very best that’s already out there, thus surpassing the outgoing XK in about every way imaginable. So get ready. Start dreaming, and if your bank account allows, plan ahead for a big purchase that'll be worth every penny. The battle of extravagant big coupe supremacy is going to a whole new level of awesome.