The Biggest Change Ever To Ford Trucks And SUVs Is Happening

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The Blue Oval's green revolution has begun.

After a 40-day long strike, the United Auto Workers union finally reached a deal with General Motors and quickly turned around to negotiate with Ford. The deal with Ford didn't take nearly as long and includes $6 billion in new product investment as well as over 8,500 new/retained jobs. This is all great news for the UAW and Ford but it is also good news for consumers.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the new Ford-UAW deal includes stipulations for a slew of new models within the next four years, many of which will be electrified. Freep was even able to dig up specific details about these future models and where they will be built. Here's what you can expect to see:

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Ford's Dearborn truck plant (often referred to as the Rouge plant) will begin building an all-new F-150 starting in 2020. A hybrid version is expected to go on sale 2020 followed by an all-electric version in 2021. Purist truck fans will also be happy to hear Rouge that will build the next-generation F-150 Raptor model. Ford's Flat Rock plant will continue to build derivatives of the Mustang, including the Shelby models. This factory will also have the capacity to build an additional model once the Lincoln Continental ends production.

In Kansas City, Ford's plant will build an electric version of the Transit van for UPS and non-hybrid versions of the F-150. Kentucky will build the Super Duty trucks as well as rumored hybrid variants of the full-size Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator.

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Last but not least, Ford's Michigan Avenue assembly plant in Wayne receives the biggest investment of $1 billion. This factory will not only build the upcoming Bronco starting in 2020 but will also be responsible for building the next-generation Ranger pickup truck. The current Ranger has been on the global market for a few years now, which is why an all-new model is expected in 2022.

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