The Biggest User Of Self-Driving Cars Could Actually Turn Out To Be...The US Army?!


Yeah, this could really happen.

While driving enthusiasts are not exactly thrilled with the rise of self-driving cars and autonomous driving tech in general, it turns out another major organization is embracing it. That would be the United States Army. According to a new report coming from Automotive News, the Army is "currently testing convoys of driverless vehicles that follow a truck driven by a human." Why, exactly? Because the Army is keen to know if convoys equipped with self-driving technology can help "ease the workload of its drivers."

Apparently, this is a major priority during time of war when equipment is being transported around the clock. The testing is currently taking place in Michigan and this coming summer the Army plans to take things a step further by introducing vehicle-to-infrastructure radio links. At a cost of $5,000 each and with a range of 300 meters, these will be installed on a four-truck convoy with each truck transmitting "its speed and location to roadside units, which in turn will supply the trucks with data such as lane closures and speed limits." If the driverless convoy testing proves to be successful, the Army plans to retrofit the rest of its vehicle fleet with the technology.

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