The Bizarre Rinspeed Oasis Concept Car Is A Living Room On Wheels

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If the Rinspeed Oasis is anything to go by, all cars will let you grow your own garden in the future.

Swiss carmaker Rinspeed is known for being a bit eccentric. Take its latest concept car, the Oasis, for example, which looks like something out of The Jetsons. On first glance, it has all the tech you would expect of a typical concept. It's a self-driven, two-seater city car that can rotate on the spot. The inviting interior, however, is anything but conventional. Designed to be "a spacious living room on wheels," the seats in the Oasis are more like snug armchairs.

Elsewhere, the abundance of in-car entertainment will keep you occupied with a massive 5K, 24 channel display with surround sound, voice and gesture controls and social media integration. Its most eye-catching feature, however, is a garden plot situated under the windscreen, perfect for growing vegetables, herbs, and bonsai trees. Say what? Sounds like something Clarkson, Hammond and May would do in The Grand Tour. While Rinspeed making autonomous cars is nothing new, the Oasis does have a steering wheel which also serves as a personal working station complete with on-board keyboard when folded up.

The driver can still take control, but not before they pass an automatically administered road fitness and alertness test. Even the windscreen serves a double purpose, displaying virtual and augmented reality information. There's an expansive glass area and solar panel on the roof, and it can even be used as a delivery car thanks to its temperature-controlled drawer ideal for storing food - pizza delivery chains would do well to snap them up. The Rinspeed Oasis will be debuting at the Las Vegas CES show next January.

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