The Blue Carbon Pagani Huayra Roadster Looks Stunning In The Metal

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We spot one of this year's hottest reveals sparkling under Geneva's show floor lights.

No matter how many words it supposedly takes to describe a picture, the Pagani Huayra Roadster transcends that, so much so that even thousands of pixels do little to give the car justice. And while the press images supplied by Pagani during the Huayra Roadster's unveiling look a bit touched up, rest assured that seeing the car in the metal unencumbered by filters and lighting modifications is the best way to become acquainted with it if you don't currently happen to be at the Geneva Motor Show.

Lucky for you, we spent the last few days making our way there to bring you these images of our first sighting of the Huayra Roadster in the metal. We had to catch our breath before steadying the camera, but we're sure that with looks like these, a blue carbon body, 764 horsepower of AMG fury, and a reduction in weight that belies the entire roadster genre is enough to take any onlooker's breath away too. Save for the lack of a roof and bolstered shoulders saddled with intake fins, most of the Huayra Roadster looks the same as the "regular" Huayra, but in reality that isn't the case. Pagani tuned the suspension system to better corner with a reduced mass and to deal with the Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires that enable a limb-contorting 1.8 G of cornering ability.

Our camera's lens has no X-Ray vision to see under the car, but if it did you'd be able to catch a glimpse of the Carbo-Titanium and Carbo-Triax composite blend that helps the Roadster be stiffer than its roofed counterpart by 52%. While we're a bit skeptical about the interior color spec, there's no doubt that upmost attention to detail was brought to the crafting process. To give us a bit of a refresher on how good past Pagani roadsters have been, Horacio Pagani made sure to bring a yellow example of the Zonda S Roadster to put on display. Thanks to impeccable design and bright showroom lights, both cars manage to stand out at an auto show that's know for its neck-snapping cars.

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