The BMW 1-Series M Coupe by TVW Car Design

TVW have unveiled their own version of the BMW 1-M Coupe and we think they’ve done a solid job.

Labeled the 'Orange Competition', TVW Car Design has developed a beautifully tuned BMW 1-M Coupe providing improvements to both the longitudinal and lateral dynamics. By developing an adjustable KW coil-over suspension, TVW have come up with a new chassis that offers more balanced handling and a sportier ride. Power now stands at 420hp, peak torque at 457lb-ft, and it has a top speed of 187mph thanks to software engine tuning, a new exhaust system and bulkier intercooler.

The exterior aesthetics of the 1-M have been modified by adding a new BMW Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler and black painted roof, and fitting blacked-out 20-inch alloys. As for the interior, leather-covered bucket seats replace the standard sporty seats to provide better support and LED indicators by BMW Performance now adorn the steering wheel. 5,000 Euros will cover the costs of the software installation and customization, whilst an additional 1850 Euros will be required for the exhaust system.

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