The BMW 3 Series Has Just Been Handed Its Own Ass

It's finally happened.

Many have tried and all have failed. That is, until now. Literally since the day it arrived, the BMW 3 Series has set the gold standard as the ideal premium sports sedan. Name any of BMWs competitors and you’ll notice each one has made numerous attempts along the way to dethrone the 3 Series. Some have come pretty close, but that was about as far as it ever got. The first time Jaguar attempted to take down the 3 Series was with the X-Type, which so bad in in so many ways it’s shocking anyone bought them (read: it was a reskinned Ford Mondeo).

But that was the old Jaguar under Ford ownership. Today’s a different story and the all-new XE S is worlds apart from the X-Type. Motor Trend recently did a head-on comparison between it and the 335i M Sport and let’s just say BMW should be worried.

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