The BMW 7 Series Won't Run People Over When It Parks Itself

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Is BMW's system better than Tesla's "summon" feature.

Tesla has been in the news after a Model S crashed into a flatbed when using the "summon" feature. One of the criticisms of self-driving technology like this is what will happen if the car hits something, or someone. The BMW 7 Series also has a feature called BMW Remote Parking. Like Tesla's system, the 7 Series will pull out of tight parking spaces where opening the doors would be impossible. You can control this feature using the optional Display key which has a 2.5-inch touchscreen. So, what has BMW done to make sure that this system is safe?

When the car is parking itself, the cameras and sensors are active. If they detect any obstacle, the car will stop even if you keep pressing the park button. BMW has even created a helpful video to prove that this system works. As cool as this system is, we wouldn't have wanted to be the guy who walks behind the car.

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