The BMW 8 Series Test Mule Sounds Epic Around The Nurburgring

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A noisy fleeting encounter with the 8 Series test mule all but assures that BMW got it right.

There was a bit of a conflict earlier this year when images of a large BMW coupe hit the automotive Internet and left everyone scratching their heads. If this was the BMW 6 Series' replacement, then the German automaker had clearly been adding some sort of illicit substance to its schnitzel, especially if it expected it to go against the Porsche 911. Fortunately, controversy was quickly cleared when rumors and a bit of logic put two and two together to confirm that an 8 Series was on its way.

As a direct answer to the Mercedes S-Class Coupe and an attempt to capitalize on the staleness of the Bentley Continental brought on by old age, the 8 Series must be built as a grand tourer first and a powerhouse second. Apparently, though, it must also be suitable enough in the corners to round the Nurburgring with haste.

Any doubts of that can be quelled by this short clip of the camouflaged 8 Series making rounds on the Green Hell. By studying its motions, we can get a sense that BMW dampened the coupe smoothly, as it should, but like any good Bimmer, it looks dynamic. What's conveyed to the viewer is that BMW managed to do what it does best, offer just the right balance of comfort and handling agility to make it a good driver's car. However, to the listener, it appears that the 8 Series will also get a monstrous engine that has its roar hushed slightly by the whoosh of a turbocharger. What's hard to miss is the deep bass of the engine, something that we can't wait to hear during weekend drives on winding mountain roads.

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