The BMW 8 Series Will Be Back, And Bigger Than Ever


But without the pop-up lights.

BMW isn't exactly a brand renowned for its idiosyncrasies, but the period between the late 1980s and the dawn of the millennium were about as unusual as things got for the firm. During this time, the company introduced the fugly 3 Series Compact, the 'bread van' Z3M Coupe and the quirky Z1 and Z8 family. Perhaps the most bizarre of them all, though, was the nigh-on-two-ton, 2+2 8 Series grand tourer - which BMW Blog is claiming will return to the top of the Bavarian Motor Works' automotive pecking order.

According to the report, the BMW 8 Series has already been assigned its own internal development code of 'G14/G15', with the designation all-but-confirming the new 8 Series will be spun off the same steel, aluminum and carbon fiber platform that underpins the current 'G11/G12' 7 Series range. Additional reports also indicate that, like the original E31 car, the 8 Series will have a broad array of meaty engines - some of which being destined for 'M850' and 'M8' performance models. You read that right, folks: the spiritual successor to the M8 prototype from the early 1990s will be made, and will surely have the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class AMG models in its sights.

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Pushing the 8 Series into a large and practical grand touring model does obviously hint at the death knell for the 6 Series family as we currently know it. All won't be lost for fans of the 6er, though, as the same report claims that the 8 Series' more cruiser-oriented focus will allow BMW to position the next generation of 6 Series models as more sporty cars that will give the company a genuine rival to the likes of the Porsche 911, Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes-AMG GT and whatever run of models eventually replaces the current Aston Martin Vantage clan. All seems to be kicking off in Munich, it seems, and the end results should be very interesting to see.