The BMW iX Is Perfect For Dodging Moose

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But it's not as good as a Tesla and a Hyundai.

BMW is very proud of its new iX all-electric SUV, despite its challenging styling. The vehicle has been used to showcase color-changing paint and its high-performance M60 variant will headline the automaker's exhibit at the Chicago Auto Show. BMW says that this model has real M DNA and will be brilliant to drive, but if the regular model is anything to go by, we may have to curb our enthusiasm. Despite achieving a five-star safety rating, it seems that the new EV is a little less safe in emergency situations than some so-called lesser brands' products. Take a look at the below video to see how the BMW iX handles the significant moose test.

The example you see here is the xDrive40 model with 225/50 R21 Pirelli P Zero Elect tires that have been specially developed for electric vehicles, as is obvious from the name. Despite this, there's no hiding the weight of the electric powertrain, and although the electronic stability control's intervention is barely perceptible and the car stays very flat and stable, it still can't complete the test as quickly as some rivals. With brake regeneration in its standard mode, the iX achieves a top speed of just under 46 mph through the course. Attempting higher speeds showed that the iX is still very stable during aggressive maneuvers, but some cones were clipped. Interestingly, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Tesla Model Y were quicker, achieving 52 mph and 50 mph, respectively.

In the slalom test, the iX manages to run the entire course in 24.8 seconds, but since this is a new test for the YouTube channel, there's not much to compare the Bimmer to. Still, it's worth noting that the only other EV to have been tested here is the much lower Mercedes-Benz EQS, and its time was almost identical at 24.5 seconds. Overall, we have to say that, while it's disappointing to learn that a Hyundai and a Tesla have outperformed a BMW, the iX's handling and stability are still very impressive for something that weighs almost 5,400 pounds. We'd be keen to see how much better a model with adaptive suspension and rear-axle steering performs, but until then, BMW has done pretty well.

2022-2023 BMW iX Front Angle View BMW 2022-2023 BMW iX Rear Angle View BMW
2022-2023 BMW iX Front Angle View
2022-2023 BMW iX Rear Angle View

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2022-2023 BMW iX Front Angle View

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