The BMW M Division Has A Secret Weapon In The War Against AMG


And no, unfortunately this doesn’t mean more horsepower.

If this week’s reveal of the Ford Edge ST was an indicator of anything, it’s that the world loves performance cars in just about any body style they can come in. But before Ford was experimenting with high-output SUVs, it was the German nuthouses—BMW M and Mercedes-AMG—that did the devil’s work and sold to make solid profits. But even with BMW’s range of M cars commanding high premiums, customers have hardly shied away from dealerships.

To keep up with demand, BMW is doing the most logical thing it can think of: build more showrooms. These, however, will not just be designed to get cars into the hands of owners and call it a day. Instead, BMW's exclusive M showrooms are built to give the customer an experience that’ll keep them coming back for more at each model release. “The new showroom reflects the dynamic character of the BMW M brand and fulfills the wish of many customers for an exclusive retail experience,” says Paul de Courtois, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia. And the best part about all this? It might just work. Take Performance Munich Autos, a BMW M dealership in Singapore, as an example.

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There, customers are privy to an order and delivery experience unlike any other. Alongside the well-appointed sales floor, Performance Munich Autos installed an Individual Lounge where customers can sit in comfort while they choose from the many colors, trims, applications, and leather upholsteries available to customize their vehicles. None of that, however, holds a candle to the handover experience. As you might have guessed, Performance Munich Autos designed a room specifically for that moment too. When the customer comes in to pick up the new car, they are ushered into the Delivery Suite where the lights are dimmed and personalized congratulations message is displayed before a product video introduces them to their new ride.

After the video ends a spotlight shines on their new car, hidden by the shadows the whole time, and brings the customer to the reality that they are now part of the M family. While making the new M5 pull off an 8-hour power slide to smash the world record for the longest drift might seem impressive, it’s the dealership level that really dazzles the customer and takes them from being casual visitors to the world of BMW ownership to permanent family members. With the M Division on track to break past the 100,000 sales per year mark by the end of the decade, it’s the small things like an army of upscale dealerships that turns the sales experience into a ride rather than an ordeal.