The BMW M2 CS Will Be Incredibly Rare In The USA

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We predict insane dealer markups with this few available!

The BMW M2 CS is one of the most hotly anticipated commodities to be coming out of Munich for some time. Some may even argue that this will be the greatest M car of the past decade. With a scorching Nurburgring lap time, clever 'connected' tires from Michelin, traditionally-sized kidney grilles, 444 horsepower, and a manual gearbox, there's lots to love about the new car. The price isn't one of these things, but we're expecting only 2,200 to be built, so it'll be even rarer than the iconic 1 M. But how many exactly can we expect to receive here in the States? The answer is 466.

Front View Driving BMW
Rear View Driving BMW

This is somewhat in line with an earlier rumor that suggested we'd get no more than 500 and no less than 400. How do we know that this number isn't just a made-up figure? Well, a thread on BimmerPost yesterday confirmed it with a screenshot. What's interesting is that BMW of North America has since requested that the post be removed - something that it wouldn't really feel the need to do if the post were inaccurate. With so few of the special model arriving on American soil, there's no doubt that the entire allocation will sell out very quickly.

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If you do miss out on the original allocations, we have no doubt that there will be some dealers and private individuals who will take advantage of the fervor over the M2 CS and resell the car at an even higher price than the $84,595 MSRP. Since there are only a finite number of these being produced, the value could well go up. Then again, perhaps patience is key. The 1M was produced in far greater numbers than originally intended due to the intense demand that the public showed for that vehicle - perhaps BMW will do something similar here. Or, knowing the Bavarians, a special edition of this special edition could be offered. BMW M2 CSL, anyone?

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