The BMW M2 Is Now As Vicious And Fast As It Should Be

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Because 365 horsepower is nice, but it isn't exactly something to brag about.

BMW's current slogan is, "designed for driving pleasure," which doesn't deviate too far from its previous slogan, "sheer driving pleasure." Both seem to allude to the fact that the Bavarian automaker takes its driver experiences very seriously, which might be why BMW never seems to tune its cars with more power than they need, kind of like Mercedes does. Even the BMW M2 only has a modest (given the current trend of gorging on horsepower) 365 horsepower.

It's all the car needs, at least if it wants to allow the M4 a reason to keep on living, but M2 owners who are already familiar with the car's limits are sure to want an answer to the nagging question; what would happen if it had more power? Fortunately, as BMW Blog reports, the company's favorite tuner outside of its own M Division was thinking the same thing, so G-Power got its hands on the M2 and decided to tinker with it a bit. It was a long time coming since the tuner has already added on to the extremely rare and hugely expensive M4 GTS. Unlike other G-Power creations that feature gains of over 150 horsepower, this kit only unlocks an extra bump of 45 ponies and 51 lb-ft of torque.

That might sound like a huge disappointment for anyone expecting over 500 horsepower, but BMW's N55 engine can't handle more. The M Division already pushes the motor so hard that adding too much more horsepower is a recipe for disaster of piston rod through oil pan proportions. By keeping BMW's engine protection protocols intact, there's no need to worry about reliability going out the window, although the removal of the top speed limiter allows for the owner to kill off the car themselves, albeit at 180 mph. For an extra treat, don't forget to tack on some optional extras like a weight-saving and backpressure-reducing exhaust system as well as an adjustable suspension. Now is your chance to be better than the rest of the M2 car club.

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