The BMW M3 Cost How Much Back In 1994?!

Oh inflation, how much we don't like you.

The BMW M3 was never cheap and never will be. That’s, more or less, how it goes for all BMWs, but the M3 has always commanded a premium over the base 3 Series. And that’s just fine. After all, the M3 (and now M4) is one of the finest all-around high-performance cars you can buy. But, yeah, there’s that price tag again. Today’s M3 sedan bases at around $62,000, the M4 coupe at $64k. But back in 1994, a brand-new E36 M3 would cost you $35,800. Adjusted for inflation today, that’s roughly $56,700.

Do the math and today’s M3 is a decent chunk (although not completely unreasonable) amount more. It’s also a lot more powerful and luxurious. And yet we kind of miss the old analog M3, such as the E36. But now Motor Week takes yet another trip down memory lane with this retro review.

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