The BMW M4 CSL Will Stand Out In A Crowd

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We just hope it does so in a good way.

The BMW M4 CSL went from being a highly likely possibility in October last year to an open secret in November. Then, early this month, BMW officially teased the car for the first time, before deleting the social media post in which shadowy images were contained (and later reuploading it). We're not sure why that happened, but now that the news is official, BMW is making sure everyone knows about it. The next teaser arrived with barely a blur of the car visible just five days ago. The next day, another blurry image was posted, followed by another blurry shot the day after. But now BMW M is slowly feeding us clearer design details, and these confirm that the car will certainly be hard to miss.

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The first clear shot appears above, with six days to go before the reveal of the hardcore M4 variant, and once again confirms that the M4 CSL will get a retro roundel in every spot where a traditional BMW badge would reside. This is not exclusive to the CSL and will be available to every M car this year. But back to the new teaser, and we see that those controversial kidney grilles will stand out even further thanks to some garish red lipstick. Already confirmed by spy shots, the next post shows that the CSL will get unique carbon fiber-backed seats that appear even more aggressive than those already available for a number of M cars this year, including the regular M4, M3, and M5 CS.

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Finally, we get a look at the front splitter, which will get a red-and-black M4 CSL decal. We assume that this theme of red-and-black accents will be seen throughout the exterior and the cabin, but we probably won't have to speculate much longer. Tomorrow, another teaser will arrive, and then another until the car is revealed. With just four days to go, we suspect that BMW will show even more design highlights to get us ready for its bold new look. Speaking of which, this car is not going to satisfy purists who like subtle, elegant references to the potential within.

Instead, BMW is doubling down on its loud new design direction, and we bet that there will be a multitude of people who will despise its appearance. From our side, we just want the car to be great to drive, and considering how often we've seen prototypes at the infamous Nurburgring, we have no reason to doubt that will be the case.

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