The BMW M850i Will Exist For Rich Guys Who Already Fear The M8

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Being seen in the base 840i won't look good at the country club.

Although we're still a number of months away from the debut of the new BMW 8 Series, details continue to leak, and today's latest comes from BMW Blog. Almost immediately after the 8 Series concept was unveiled, the M8 showed its camouflaged face. BMW also said the base spec will be the 840i followed by the 850i. Aside from M Sport models featuring a carbon fiber roof and other M brand add-ons, nothing was said about an M Performance version slotted just below the M8.

Today, however, the latest rumor is that the M850i will become a reality. Why the change of heart? BMW Blog claims BMW management wants to remain consistent throughout the product range. For example, there's the M550i xDrive and M760i, although there's no M7. But the M550i still packs quite a punch despite the existence of the new M5. Given this successful model, an M850i will offer plenty of appeal, especially for those who'll deem the M8 too extreme. But the M850i won't exactly be wimpy. It'll supposedly have the full M Performance treatment, including the M Sport package as standard fare.

The suspension will be upgraded, as will its twin-turbo V8 which could produce over 500 hp. All-wheel drive and a carbon fiber roof will also be standard. Of course, this is all assuming the M850i receives final approval, and we think it will. One of the things BMW M chief Frank van Meel told us recently was just how impressive the M550i xDrive is, especially compared to the previous generation M5. These M Performance models, van Meel, added, were ideal for those who wanted more performance but weren't ready for an all-out M car. Fair enough. In any case, no matter which 8 Series spec one goes for, they'll be getting something special. An M850i will be yet another way for owners to go fast, only without the M8's bite.


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