The BMW They Must Make But Won't


And it'll sadly remain nothing more than a digital concept.

We're suckers for classic BMWs. Not that today's BMWs are anything less than their forefathers, but there's just something about those vintage coupes and sedans that make us crave ownership. One of our favorites – and likely yours' as well - is the New Class. Included in that lineup was the E9 Series, built from 1968 to 1975. Designed by Giovanni Michelotti and built for BMW by Karmann, it was powered by a straight-six engine and was later further modified for racing purposes.

This was the car that really helped to establish BMW as a brand for driving enthusiasts. And now a car designer named David Obendorfer has created this beautiful modern interpretation of the '68 E9 Series.

Illustration, David Obendorfer

Called the CS Vintage Concept, it also has styling cues taken from the E9's predecessor, the 2000 CS. Compared to the originals, the designer points out its "updated proportions and with modern details, many of which are influenced by nautical styling solutions." BMW, if anyone there is reading this, hire this guy. Like right now.

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