The BMW X2 Concept Is A Middle Finger Straight At The Mercedes GLA

2016 Paris Motor Show

It’s stylish and semi-functional, the way the X1 should have looked all along.

BMW has a strange obsession with numbers. Its odd numerical values are reserved for the less expensive and more practical models like the 5 Series sedan or the X3 crossover. Meanwhile, it throws an even number at any model that’s considered more “sporty” like the 4 Series coupe or X6 SUV. This value assignment has happened ever since the 1 Series morphed into the 2 Series, and if BMW’s latest Paris Auto Show reveal tells us anything about the brand’s future, then the X1 may soon follow the 1 Series’ footsteps.

Unless of course, BMW wants the X2 we saw on the show floor to sell alongside the X1, in which case we can understand the altered design. Instead of slicing away fat from the roofline of the rear compartment as the automaker usually does when making an coupe-like SUV, BMW went ahead and let the styling department do the tough talking. With some clever bodywork and a more rounded design, the X2 Concept manages to merge the look of a coupe and an SUV without sacrificing rear passenger headroom. To us, the X2 looks like an attempt on the Mercedes GLA’s life, and with looks like that it might just be successful.

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Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW’s Senior Vice President of Design mentioned, “The BMW Concept X2 is a vehicle for active people looking for a combination of enjoyment and practicality.” Practical or not, the X2 certainly looks sporty. Up front, narrow angled headlights combine with the kidney grilles to look angry. If something about the automaker’s signature grille looks off, it’s because BMW flipped it upside down in attempts to separate the X2 from the rest of the lineup. All we can say is that if the X2 makes production, we hope those are placed back in their original positions. When we stepped back to look at the front end, the gaping vent on the front bumper combined with the angry eyes make the grille look like a pair of enlarged nostrils.

Moving rear, the juxtaposition between coupe and SUV is made obvious with the large wheels and under floor protection straight from the X lineup that write checks the low roofline cannot cash. Adding to the coupe look are B-pillars that blend into the dark windows and thick C-pillars graced with BMW roundels. A slim rear window only adds to the coupe look of the vehicle, but we can’t imagine that small trunk falling too far on side of practical. Still, the design is an improvement over the X1’s work oriented character and we wouldn’t mind seeing this on the road giving the GLA some hell. If that does happen, then keep your fingers crossed that the M Division proves it is as crazy as AMG by making an X2 M.