The BMW X3 Proves It Can Do More Than Navigate Around Donkeys


A little off-roading? No problem. Escaping zombies? No chance.

It’s important to be honest by acknowledging the BMW X3 is not a hardcore off-road SUV. Never was. Never will be. There are plenty of other vehicles to choose from if that’s what you need. However, the car buying world today loves SUVs/crossovers and they’re willing to pay handsomely to have a sparkling new one parked in their suburban driveways. This is where the new BMW X3 will shine. In fact, BMW is going to sell millions of them. And that’s just fine, but the new X3 is still not exactly the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine.’

It doesn’t have to be because that’s not what people buy them for. The all-new X3, featured on a test drive in Morocco with Carfection, is definitely a more capable vehicle than before, meaning it can easily handle some rough roads. Winter snow storms shouldn’t be much of a problem either.

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In other words, it’s more than capable enough for most people’s needs. It’s actually built on the same platform as the 5 Series sedan and even has that ideal 50:50 weight distribution. For suburban and highway driving, it even offers the Co-Pilot System, which allows for some autonomous driving features. It’s probably not a good idea to switch it on even in minor off-roading. The X3 tested here is the diesel engined model, with a total of 265 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque. If gasoline’s your thing, there’s gas-powered engine options as well. But no matter which engine is chosen, the X3 will perform wonderfully on pavement and, most of the time, do what you need it to do off-road.